Arc Flash

Arc Flash Safety Almetek

Over 10 OSHA reportable Arch Flash related incidents occur everyday, several involving fatalities. Determining flash protection boundary and the appropriate PPE would be useless without the information being communicated effectively. Section 110.16 of the NEC 2002 code requires switchboards, panelboards, industrial control panels, and motor control centers to be field marked to warn personnel of the potential electric Arc Flash hazards. Clearly mark all equipment that present Arc Flash risk with Almetekā€™s line of signs and pressure sensitive labels. Almetek offers multiple OSHA & NFPA compliant Arc Flash Hazard labels and signs. Choose from Standard Printed and Fill-in styles, or fully customize your sign/label with specific PPE levels, company logos, colors, copy, size, images, etc. Call Customer Service today for more information, quotes or samples at 800-248-2080.