General Safety
Available in standard Danger, Warning, Caution, Notice & Think legends, Almetek’s General Safety signs increase safety in any environment. Great for outdoor or indoor use.
Trespassing / Theft Deterent
Trespassing and theft in Wind Farms is becoming an increasing concern. Clearly marking perimeter and interior areas can save thousands of dollars of damage to turbines and prevent severe injury or death.
Arc Flash Hazard
Over 10 OSHA reportable Arch Flash related incidents occur everyday, several involving fatalities. Almetek offers multiple OSHA & NFPA compliant Arc Flash Hazard labels and signs. Choose from Standard Printed and Fill-in styles, or fully customize your sign/label with specific PPE levels, company logos, colors, copy, size, images, etc.
All signs are available in Aluminum, Lexan, Fiberglass, UV HDPE or Pressure Sensitive Vinyl in a variety
of finishes including Engraved, Embossed, Deep Stamped, Printed, Reflective and more.
Pressure Sensitive Numbers, Letters & Labels
Almetek’s Pressure Sensitive Numbers, Letters & Labels allow for the easy and clear identification of all types of equipment as well as hazards and dangers. Application is simple and quick, and labels are suitable for indoor, outdoor, above or below ground uses.
Almetek’s ID, Data and Nameplates help answer the questions who, what, why, where and when. Equally as important, they can be a reflection of you, your customer or both. Available in a wide choice of materials, colors and finishes, the 3-D embossed plates are aesthetically pleasing and last for years.
Confined Space Labels, Signs & Markers
Clearly identifying Confined Spaces is critical to overall site safety. Whether entrance is allowed by permit only or expressly prohibited, properly marking confined spaces can save lives. Choose from a selection of pressure sensitive labels, polyethylene or metal signs, or stainless steel, theft resistant markers to notify all of the presence of a confined space.
Lock-Out Tags
Almetek’s durable, easy-to-complete and understandable lockout tags will reinforce your Lock-Out program and save lives. Tags come in a wide variety of styles and messages including Danger/Caution/Warning - Do Not Enter, Do Not Operate, Locked-Out, Needs Repair, etc.
Pole Markers
Our E-Z Tags and One-Piece Pole Markers serve a multitude of identification purposes. Available in several styles including engraved, embossed, printed, stamped, reflective, aluminum, polyethylene, slide-in or one-piece, there is a style to fit every need. Horizontal or vertical numbers, letters and symbols available.

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