Almetek has a wide variety of standard and custom signs for the railroad industry. Available styles include: 3-D Embossed, Printed, Etched & Engraved, Reflective/Non-Reflective, Natural,Pre-Painted, Sequential Numbering.
Pressure Sensitive Numbers, Letters & Labels
Almetek’s pressure sensitive labels are engineered for high quality and lower cost. They are ideal labeling solution for any application above or below ground. 

Available styles include: 3M Reflective/Non-Reflective, Photoluminescent, Bar Coded, Vinyl, Foil.
Catenary Pole Number Plates
Almetek’s Catenary Pole Number Plates allow for easy and highly visible marking of milepost values. Plates come in sizes from 1-6 inches and are and built to last with a 30-year warranty. Available styles include: Embossed, Engraved or Printed Aluminum and UV- High Density Polyethylene.
Delineators & Conspicuity Tape
Almetek’s Delineators & Conspicuity Tape provide a quick and easy to attach solution for all your safety needs. They improve visibility in the evening, daytime and inclement weather conditions. Available styles include: 3M Engineering Grade, Prismatic High-Intensity Sheeting & Diamond Grade. Multiple colors and sizes available.
Brake Lever Badge Plates
Specified by railroads around the world, Almetek’s Brake Lever Badge Plates offer readability even when covered with tars or paint. Available styles include: Cold Rold Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Brass. In any gauge, these plates are durable, cost effective and warranted for life.
Pole Markers, Transmission & Aerial Observation Plates
Our Pole Markers have a wide variety of uses and come with the best warranty in the industry! Available styles include: Embossed, Engraved or Printed Aluminum & Engraved UV-HDPE.
Almetek’s Aerial Observation Plates improve ground visibility and come with a full 30 year warranty. Vertical or horizontal mounting avail

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